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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

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Infinite Vermicast Solutions

Guy Barker, Taylor Conley, Matthew Gallagher, Magen Kegley



More and more precious land space is taken up every year by the spreading of landfills, caused by increased consumer wastes. However, a large amount of the trash that is carelessly thrown away can be transformed into nutrient-rich silage via composting. Although composting is beneficial, it lacks efficiency since decomposition must be performed by microorganisms. An alternative and faster method to accomplish the degradation of organic materials is by adopting a vermicomposting system, which introduces worms to the compost area. Worms, when utilized in the proper conditions and when fed biodegradable wastes, can efficiently break down a variety of materials in order to reduce the number and size of landfills all over the world.



Problem Statement

This project includes the design and implementation of an innovative continuous vermiculture system. To achieve this, our team will study the habitat and physiology of various worms to develop the proper feeding and nutrient system. A digested waste delivery and casting harvesting system will be developed based off of our research.

Scope of Work

Mr. Robinson of The Big Squeegee© expects a flow-through vermiculture bin design that includes a process of digestion prior to the delivery to the worm beds. Therefore, by employing a system that includes a sprayer that delivers the food to the worms in a pre-digested form, the worms will constantly be at the top to consume the food. To determine the most suited breed of worm for the bin, data on the preferred depth of each breed will be researched. Data will be collected on the doubling time of the specific species of worm as well as the expected daily food consumption.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Report




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