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Elevated Engineering

Kade Coutler, Gage Martin, Shelby Weber, Jodi Vinyard



Elevated Engineering of Stillwater Oklahoma, will be working alongside Barrett Trailers, LLC of Purcell Oklahoma for the next year. The team is designing a livestock semi-trailer that has a center lifting floor capable of lifting a fully loaded top portion of the semitrailer to the roof of the trailer and to the bottom of the trailer. Throughout the course of the year there will be different ideas and designs that are built and constructed using SolidWorks, research upon different lifting mechanisms, Oklahoma Department of Transportation literacy reviewed as well as seeking council from both Barrett Trailers and other project engineers involved. Within this report there will be ideas that could provide the necessary requirements for our design as well as ideas that have failed to complete the requirements. Barrett Trailer’s LLC approached Elevated Engineering with a question about designing a center lifting floor within a livestock semitrailer. The trailer has to be able to go from the bottom of the semitrailer to the roof of the semitrailer, moving approximately eight feet. The goal is to be able to lower the lifting floor, load the top of the trailer, raise the floor and then load the bottom of the trailer. The lifting floor has certain criteria that must be met such as safety of both livestock and the operator, corrosive resistant, even movement of the floor to prevent unnecessary wear and tear upon the lifting mechanism, as well as being cost efficient.



Problem Statement

In today’s livestock trailer industry few competitors have designed, marketed and sold trailers that have center lifting floors. Several companies overseas have developed a center lifting floor Milson Livestock Trailers located in London and Pezzaioli Livestock Design located in Ireland. Barrett Trailer’s wants to lead the way into revolutionizing the semitrailer industry. Animal rights activists are proclaiming that the quality of meat is affected by the current way of transportation for different varieties of livestock. Currently when livestock is loaded into semitrailers, there is a ramp that leads to the top of the trailer where livestock is hauled. Activists are proclaiming that forcing livestock to climb the ramp is stressing the animal and therefore decreasing the quality of meat consumers buy.

Scope of Work

Elevated Engineering will be working with Barrett Trailers, application engineers and other engineers from the state and Oklahoma State University to successfully design, build and test a solution for the task. That will include any modeling, testing, literature review, technical analysis, patent searching, safety implementation and oversight of manufacturing. The design team will be responsible for finding a way to move the gates on the first floor so that the center floor can drop down. Safety is the biggest motive in our design. The lift has to be able to raise the floor, which will weigh approximately sixty thousand pounds. Not only does it have to lift that amount of weight, but also it has to stay secure in place for long periods, while traveling long distances. A concern that Elevated Engineering has for the livestock as well as the operator, is how to keep unwanted appendages out of the side vent system. Design of safety devices will be a big part of the project for the engineering team. Barrett Trailers will review Elevated Engineering’s design, and once satisfied, will begin manufacturing the system according to the specifications provided. After manufacture of the trailer, Elevated Engineering will be taking over testing of the mechanism to ensure that all criteria is achievable.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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