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Windrower Wheel Width Adjustment

Taylor Cole, Nicholas Jacobsen, Travis Biggerstaff



MacDon Industries is an original equipment manufacturer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have been world leaders in the technology, innovation and manufacturing of high quality, high performance harvesting equipment for over 65 years now, beginning back in 1949. Currently, they sell their products in over 40 countries, on six continents. These products range from hay equipment like rotary and auger headers, to pick-up and draper headers for combines. Additionally, they produce a line of self-propelled windrowers designed to operate rotary, auger and draper headers for a variety of uses to producers. Canola is currently the primary crop produced in Canada. For this reason, MacDon self-propelled windrowers have a wide wheel base and 45.7” below –frame clearance to allow bushy crops like canola to pass under the machine after cutting. However, this wide wheel-base means transporting these machines can be time-consuming and costly. MacDon’s current design contains a sliding tube held in place by bolts and weld-nuts, where the tube can slide in and out from the main frame when not bolted in place. These “legs” as they are called, require a significant amount of time to adjust, because the machine must be lifted off the ground to allow easy sliding. To this point, the system works because the legs are usually only adjusted to load machines onto trucks, and then to prepare for its working life.



Problem Statement

The goal of this project is to create an innovative, cost-efficient and reliable system that quickly adjusts the wheel width on a MacDon M155 Self-Propelled Windrower.

Scope of Work

This project covers the design, testing, and prototyping of an M155 windrower to add a system to quickly adjust wheel width of the machine. The two desirable positions are at full width (field width) and narrowed width (transport width.) The cost of the system should be minimized to make the system more desirable. The deliverables are to include the ability to change the width of both the front and back axle, as well as adjusting the ladder to accommodate the transport width.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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