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Oil Workover Rig

Chance Borger, Holly Bramer, Jacob Wedel



Taylor Industries of Tulsa, OK is a manufacturer of workover rigs packages, mud pump packages, accumulators and double pump cementing units. In addition to their standard units, Taylor Industries also offers custom units to meet individual applications. Founded in 1978 by Oscar Taylor, more than 700 Taylor drilling, workover and wellservicing units have been manufactured. With their commitment to simple designs, and unsurpassed costumer service, Taylor Industries has become a worldwide leader in oilfield equipment. Taylor Industries approached Strong Arm Solutions in the Fall of 2014 to redesign their method of testing oil workover rigs. In an industry where safety in paramount, Taylor has made it mandatory to test the first 2-3 rigs that are of a new design or model. Although their previous testing method could obtain the desired results, it faced two major issues; safety and accuracy. Strong Arm Solutions has made it their prerogative to both address and solve these issues. The first issue of focus is increasing the accuracy of the testing method. Previously, Taylor would use a series of high strength straps, connected to the traveling block. The straps were then attached to a dead man that was cemented into the ground below the rig. The primary issue with this design is that the only way the force can be applied is through the use of the draw works. The operator on the rig would raise the traveling block using a manual hydraulic lever, he would then report the reading on a load cell placed just below the traveling block to determine the load. The draw works are not made to be accurately moved in small increments, so there were issues applying the correct load. From this use of straps and the draw works, safety issues arose. When the rig was applying load the draw works cables and the high strength cables were in high tension. If there were to be a failure in the rig, or any of the straps or cables there would be a high probability of injury to operators and bystanders.



Problem Statement

Strong Arm Solutions has been commissioned to design a testing apparatus for Taylor Industries patented oil workover rig. The goal of our design is to create a control panel that is interfaced with a load-applying hydraulic cylinder and a data-transmitting load cell. The result of our design should be a system that controls, monitors, and records the mechanics and data of the testing process in real time.

Scope of Work

Strong Arm Solutions will implement a design to replace the previous testing method, with a new accurate and safe method. The high strength straps will be replaced by a hydraulic cylinder, which will connect to the dead man and then to the traveling block. A PLC will be used to operate the cylinder along with a pilot valve for manual operation. All data will then be acquired through the PLC and displayed on monitors. A diesel engine and hydraulic pump, which has been previously purchased by Taylor will be used to operate the cylinder.



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