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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Growing Oklahoma

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Heating and Cooling of Raised Greenhouse Beds

Breanna Bergdall, Robert Honeyman, Audrey Plunkett



The client, Steve Hill of Phocas Farms in Edmond, OK, is interested in lengthening the growing season of his carrots in order to increase revenue. Currently, carrot growing is limited to the early months of spring and fall.



Problem Statement

The client would like to extend these growing seasons by cooling his raised greenhouse beds in the summer and heating them in the winter. It is clear that this two part design needs to provide ideal carrot growing conditions while being economically feasible enough to build, operate and maintain for years to come.

Scope of Work

Our goal is to design a system that will both heat and cool raised greenhouse beds in order to maintain ideal growing conditions for crops. Carrots, the cash crop currently being implemented, grows best when the soil is 60⁰F to 65⁰F. During the hot summer months, the soil must be cooled to avoid overheating and the soil must be heated to avoid freezing in the colder winter months. The system needs to be able to adjust easily between heating and cooling to suit the changing climate at any given moment. It must be able to maintain multiple hoop houses each containing 5 raised beds that are twenty feet long and forty-three inches across. Heating and cooling must reach an effective depth as deep as twelve inches. Carrots need only one inch of water a week. Too much water can cause the carrots to crack and become susceptible to disease, and not enough will hinder growth.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation 




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