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The Pump Jack Advantage

Ryan Dunkerson, Matt Gengler, Luke Serner, Russell Staples



Water scarcity is a growing problem across the world. Some underdeveloped countries may have an adequate supply of water that is not easily accessible or may not be economically feasible to obtain. The Water4 Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to provide these countries with the necessary equipment to obtain clean water. They will not only provide these citizens with the necessary equipment to drill and pump water wells, but they also instruct these individuals how to operate and repair the equipment so that they can become self-sufficient.



Problem Statement

“The Pump Jack Advantage” senior design group was formed to create a pump jack design that can be operated by handicap and young individuals in underdeveloped countries.

Scope of Work

Water4 set a budget for the materials of the pump jack to be under a $150. The system must also be able to be built, repaired, and operated with the materials available in the specific area. Water4 provides locals with specialized tools shipped over in a container. These tools include general hand tools, a welder, grinders and a small plasma table.



 Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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