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Down-hole Rock Drilling System

Michael Chavez, Heath Hendricks, George Tietz, Tyler Zimbelman



We are proud to support Water4 Foundation in their perpetual journey to access water in the most remote parts of the world. We focus directly on designing and building a water-well drilling contraption that will bore through any condensed rock layer discovered. The drilling task will be accomplished while providing: a safe experience for the user, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, clean water to the public. We at H2Oasis Innovations believe it is a fundamental obligation to assist a neighbor in need, and we will do everything in our power to accomplish this goal.



Problem Statement

We were presented with the problem of drilling through consolidated rock layers. We are focused on supplying the world with clean water through the creation of a rock drill capable of reaching water sources cheaply and efficiently. This includes working with the Water4 Foundation in a joint effort to have a global impact by providing clean water to all.

Scope of Work

We have been given the task of designing a rock drilling system for water well completion particularly in Africa. This design will be used as a solution for the Water4 Foundation in Oklahoma City, OK. Water4 is responsible for aiding several villages internationally in their search for clean drinking water. Water4 takes drilling kits overseas and teaches national hands to drill and complete water wells. This not only aids the individuals in sustaining life, but also creates jobs for thousands of people. The biggest obstacle to overcome for Water4 is digging through rock layers with hand tools. Our design will allow the workers to complete wells in a much shorter time. This design needs to be convenient for worker use as well as achieving time efficiency. The finished product will have the ability to reduce the drilling time of an individual well by hundreds of hours.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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