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Pretreatment System for Reverse Osmosis

Adam Avey, David Criswell, Kelsey Criswell



Garver Engineering is a consulting firm headquartered out of North Little Rock, AR that provides services to clients in several different markets. One market where Garver excels is water resources; the company is known for conducting quality work in wastewater, distribution, and environmental assessments, among others. Garver has presented AquaCleanse Solutions with the opportunity to design an interactive, educational exhibit that displays a wastewater treatment process. The exhibit will serve to inform the public of the necessary steps to purify wastewater and preserve the environment. The exhibit is desired to be trailer or skid mounted and would be utilized in science fairs, elementary classrooms, and other educational environments.



Problem Statement

To design and fabricate a flow-through iron removal pretreatment module for a household reverse osmosis (RO) system. Our secondary objective involves optimizing the RO system for different levels of water hardness and contamination.

Scope of Work

The project to be undertaken is a design of an iron removal pretreatment system for a small reverse osmosis (RO) unit. The iron removal system will use naturally occurring air to oxidize and precipitate dissolved iron in well water incoming to the RO unit. The precipitate will be filtered out by an inexpensive filter. This is done in order to extend the life of the more expensive RO filter membranes. The iron removal system will feature a flow-through design and will be mounted on an auxiliary skid near the RO unit. Restrictions include refraining from using an air pump or other device that will require additional power to operate the pretreatment system.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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