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Justin Frazier, Andrew McMahan, Denise Young



Bama Companies, Inc. is a provider of baked items to some of the largest restaurants in the world. One of the items they specialize in is handheld pies and the North Tulsa facility a main producer of those pies. Bama Companies, Inc. wishes to enhance the efficiency of the facility from an engineering stand point as well as from a financial stand point. They currently have a manual process of uncuffing the plastic bag liner that protects the pies within the cardboard boxes, but would like to automate this process. The purpose for the facility to cuff the plastic bag over the boxes is due to another automated process currently used by the company. They currently have an automated process to pick up the pies and place them in the boxes. This process uses multiple arms that randomly place the pies in different boxes. In order for the arms to efficiently place the pies in the boxes and not encounter an obstacle form the bag itself, the bag needs to be securely fixed around the flaps of the box.



Problem Statement

Our objective is to automate the uncuffing process in the Bama Companies, Inc., handheld pie production line. By developing a machine that’s automated the process, it will save the company money.

Scope of Work

Bama Companies in Tulsa, OK has requested that Box It Unlimited design a machine that will automatically uncuff the plastic bag that is placed inside boxes filled with small frozen pies. Box It Unlimited will submit a design proposal report in December of 2012 for the customer to review. This report will include: • A project overview with a mission statement, problem statement, and background on the project • A statement of work with a delivery schedule, location of work, period of performance, and any special delivery requirements • A work breakdown structure • Customer design requirements • All design research • An overview of all designs • Market research and budget proposal • A Gantt chart with project task list and scheduled dates By the end of April 2013, Box It Unlimited will present a fully working prototype and final design report to Bama Companies as well as a panel of OSU professors. The final report will include: • Technical specifications • Test Analysis Completed • Overall budget • Market and economic analysis



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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