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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Growing Oklahoma

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The Mega Mite

Aaron Bartel, Benjamin Gifford, Dustin Hofegartner, Lucas Polly



Coneqtec Universal is the sponsor company. Wichita, Kansas is home to the company built on relationships developed during time spent by the engineers at Case New Holland. The company, founded by Mr. Gary Cochran, has designed and manufactures a number of skid steer after-market modifications and implements. Ranging from rock saws to rotary tillers, Coneqtec Universal strives to implement the latest technology while designing solution equipment for real world application. Super high flow kits with several auxiliary ports engineered by the company enable endless possibilities to solve issues with numerous variables.The mission of Pete Steer Designs is to provide reliable and innovative solutions that reduce unassisted physical workloads, with implements that are easily attachable and adaptable to skid steers.



Problem Statement

The product will combine two common attachments for skid steer machines. The combination includes a skid steer mulcher with a skid steer grapple. This combination will allow the operator to grab brush and debris piles to be mulched. This will also give the operator a choice where to mulch the material, such as into the bed of a truck, or a remote chip pile. The product will be powered by the skid steer’s auxiliary hydraulic system. The sponsor company, Coneqtec Universal, has suggested the product idea and will be supervising the design process. Engineers at BIC have some preliminary design concepts and it is planned to spur off these current ideas. The process concept is in the preliminary stages of patenting by BIC.

Scope of Work

The primary goal of the product is to carry debris, i.e. tree limbs, storm debris, shingles, sheetrock, etc., to a remote location and chip it into manageable form. The implement will be used on a standard skid steer, with high flow hydraulics, and auxiliary controls. • Define the finished product • Design and Spec • Create final design • Build, Test, and Determine satisfactory performance



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