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300 Kilogram Coffee Roaster

Karolyn Bolay, Kelsey Hubbard, Brittany Looke, Mark Marshall, Nathan Moyer



Roasting Innovation has prepared the following report for U.S. Roaster Corp to provide them with all information concerning the development, including building and purchasing of parts, of the 300 kilogram roaster. The team has also included the campaign and business plans to allow U.S. Roaster Corp to see how this product will need to be marketed and how it will affect their business.



Problem Statement

Roasting Innovation needs to design and produce a drum and drive train for a 300 kilogram roaster that can withstand temperatures up to approximately 600oF so as to reduce destruction of the quality of the roaster due to thermal expansion. The 300 kilogram roaster needs to be able to roast exceptional coffee to the user’s taste, be easily reproducible, and remain safe to operate.

Scope of Work

Roasting Innovation will complete the design, construction and marketing of a 300 kilogram roaster for U.S. Roaster Corp. Our work will include the construction of the drive train and the rotating drum, which will withstand heating up to 600oF for roasting of 300 kilograms of coffee beans and prevent compromising the operating of the roaster. It will also include the marketing and promotion of the 300 kilogram industrial roaster to the company’s future and current customers.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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