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Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Jackie Barber, Thomas Hyde, Katy Sokolosky, JJ Stoeckl, Braden Warcup



Tulsa Gas Technologies is a compressed natural gas service company that has become the largest manufacturer of CNG dispensers in North America. TGT has been a leader in CNG technology for over 18 years. For 18 years, Tulsa Gas Technologies has become a leader in the compressed natural gas service industry. They are the largest manufacturer of CNG dispensers in North America. Owner Tom Sewell is a pioneer in the CNG industry. He is an opinion leader and innovator in the natural gas fueling service industry. TGT is an aggressive and open-minded company researching new types of equipment and their uses and blending new technologies in existing equipment. A niche market for CNG equipment arose when California passed a law mandating cleaner emissions engines. This law, which heavily impacts golf courses and landscaping businesses, is projected to be copied across the country in locations such as New York, Florida, and Chicago. TGT would be able to successfully market a CNG powered riding mowers to large landscaping operations that have to operate within the new environmental restrictions.



Problem Statement

The team needs to create a high-end, commercial natural gas conversion kit for use on large golf course greens mowers. The conversion kit must be economically viable for golf courses to convert their mowing fleets to CNG. The product created must be effective enough to encourage golf courses to invest in the CNG refueling skid or Phil systems necessary to make a CNG riding mower a reasonable alternative. The product must also be cheaper (or produce more profit) in the long run than traditional gasoline powered mowers. It should also take advantage of CNG’s marketability as a clean fuel produced domestically.

Scope of Work

The team needs to create a high-end, commercial riding lawn mower conversion kit that will allow the mower to run on compressed natural gas. To develop the kit, a natural gas pressure regulator will need to be developed to lower the fuel pressure within the engine to a functional level. The team will conduct research to determine the economic viability and safety repercussions of both removable and permanent-mounted CNG fuel tanks. The kit will also include high-pressure fuel lines made from 316 stainless steel and an intake manifold adapter to facilitate safe fuel flow into the mower engine. The kit must make it economically viable for golf course turf managers and landscaping businesses that service businesses, municipalities and other large clients to convert to and operate their equipment to run on compressed natural gas.



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