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Cookie Dough Dispenser

Richie Alexander, Jay Bessinger, Sarah Cary, Nikki King, Leah Kuehn



April Harrington founded her co-existing entities Earth Elements Farm in 1996 and EEMB in 1998. She initiated the businesses as a solution for eliminating as many chemicals as possible from her food products due to battling cancer for several years prior. Earth Elements’ goal since has been building a local food system through preserving locally grown ingredients and providing them to the community. It utilizes crops grown on its own farm as well as those grown by other local farmers to produce quality, wholesome, “Oklahoma authentic” foods. While the company is not considered organic since Ms. Harrington does not wish to go through the hassle of being certified as such, it uses many organically grown ingredients in its products.Earth Elements produces more than 200 products at any given time based on the availability of its ingredients. One of Earth Elements’ major components is creating baked goods, such as spinach balls, meat balls, and cookies, from hand-scooped doughs or mixes. Cookies comprise the largest percentage of these goods, as employees hand scoop between 900 and 1,200 cookies each day.



Problem Statement

Earth Elements Market and Bakery (EEMB) needs a quick and efficient way to create uniform cookies through a device that dispenses dough in a consistent manner. The company also needs new, unified promotional materials to market its products.

Scope of Work

At Perfect Mix Creations, we seek to provide solutions for our client through emphasis in product development and communications. Our objective is to create an innovative dough dispensing device collaborated with new marketing materials to make Earth Elements more profitable. Our dedication to excellence and professionalism makes us the “perfect” solution for this company’s conundrum.



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