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Cattle Mineral Feeder

Kyle Hiner, Kevin Hufnagel, Melissa Maher, Dakota Moss



Our mission at Lick of Sense Solutions is to provide our client, 3C Cattle Feeders, with innovative and affordable answers to their problems. Our goal is to allow our client to expand their business and appeal to new markets based on our solutions.Customers of 3C are certainly a diverse group of people with the same goal in mind: to feed their cattle efficiently and conveniently, with both their creep feeder and/or 3C’s digital cube feeder. Since the products have a good reputation for longevity, repeat buyers are liable to occur only when their cattle demands increase as well. Currently, no competitors have been found to sustain a feeder with the benefits that our selective mineral feeder will possess. While there are only a few producers of mineral feeders in the current market, the development of a restricted and cost-effective feeder could meet the demands and desires of all cattle producers and could potentially create its own market separate from the simple, non-restrictive and inefficient feeders being sold today.



Problem Statement

Our task is to design, build, and test a selective entry mineral dispensing device for cattle. The mineral dispenser must restrict access to deer and feral hogs, and allow cattle to gain access and consume the product.

Scope of Work

This project is to design, build and test a selective mineral feeder. The feeder will allow livestock to access mineral while keeping unwanted wildlife out. Along with this, a financial and competitive analysis will be completed for the project sponsor company, 3C Cattle Feeders. This financial anlysis should help give 3C a projection of how the mineral feeder will influence their buisness. We will be working in conjunction with 3C owner, Bear Runyan, along with Shea Pilgreen (Application Engineer), Kay Watson (Manufactuing Extension Agent) and OSU faculty to produce the most innovative and practical product available. The majority of work will be performed on the campus of Oklahoma State University, and at 3C Cattle Feeders. Once a prototype is built, testing will take place at Oklahoma State cattle facilities, a working cattle ranch in Oklahoma that is currently to be determined, and Mill Creek, OK. Work began on the project in August of 2009. An initial solution to the problem, along with a presentation of work completed was delivered on December 3, 2009. Work is continuing throughout the spring with a final product being delivered May of 2010.



Fall PresentationSpring Presentation | Spring Report




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