Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Growing Oklahoma

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Growing Oklahoma

senior design team power solutions


Power Solutions

Candice Blackwell, Nathan Fent, Ward Kable, Benton Ray, Craig Spencer, Cortney Timmons



Power Solutions multidisciplinary team is focused on the client’s success in every aspect of the projects in which the team is engaged. Through team work and innovation, Power Solutions strives to design, develop and market standard, safe and usable renewable energy systems to benefit society.



Problem Statement

With rising energy costs, fossil fuels polluting the environment and few viable alternative energy sources available, an affordable wind to hydrogen energy product is needed. Exploring the possible integration of wind to hydrogen through the process of electrolysis will provide homeowners and businesses the ability to produce and store clean energy.

Scope of Work

Three components worked together to accomplish the mission and purposes, which include Engineering and Technology, Business and Economic Analysis, and Marketing and Communications. The first to be discussed is engineering and technology. Second Semester Deliverables: Prototype, Test Alternatives, Detailed Alternative Analysis, Final Recommendation, Detailed Drawings and Plans, Safety Manual, and User Manual. During the course of this project, a prototype drawing was completed and materials were gathered for the electrolysis cell. Figure 1 is a SolidWorks rendering cell. Once the electrolyzer was constructed, testing of the alternatives began. Tests of the electrolysis cell included



Fall Presentation  Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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