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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Growing Oklahoma

senior design team arena groomer


Equestrian Arena Groomer

Brain Latimer, Lindsey Missel, David Moss, Victor, Leigha Stevenson, Sara Smith



Prime Designs worked with Vassar Equipment to create a new arena groomer. This product can become a part of the Vassar family of farm equipment. Prime Designs used the information in this report to help with the designing, building and marketing of this project.



Problem Statement

Prime Designs provided a uniquely innovative design of an arena smoother that is functional, marketable, scalable, shippable, and cost competitive for a pre-existing distributor network while abiding by Vassar’s commitment to quality, reliability and dependability.

Scope of Work

The initial design of the arena groomer required the Prime Designs team to meet and discuss different ideas and generate design concepts. After the best design concept was chosen, the team began 3-D modeling using Pro-E. This aspect of the project was expected to take the longest amount of time. To determine which tine to use on the groomer, horsepower requirement calculations were required on several tines to determine the most efficient one. The tine that requires the least amount of horsepower to pull through the soil at a specified depth was considered the most efficient. During the second semester, engineering drawings were created for each part before the building process began. Each part was then manufactured or ordered, depending on feasibility, then assembled. After the device was built, it was tested to compare with competitors’ products. A brochure, magazine advertisement, and Web site addition were also created to help Vassar Equipment market their product.



Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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