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3 Point Hitch Controller

David Bevill, E. Evans Chambers, Lee Eldridge, Adam Gossen



Case New Holland (CNH) is considered a leader in the agricultural and construction equipment industry with more than 11,000 dealers stretched throughout 160 countries. The combination of heritage Case and New Holland designs coupled with the innovative needs of the future has led CNH to strive to develop new products on the cutting edge of technology. CNH has come to the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) department at Oklahoma State University (OSU) to further produce ground-breaking solutions for their unique engineering design challenges.



Problem Statement

Design and employ a three point hitch controller in order to maintain user defined implement position with reference to machine. The design should involve minimal change to the existing unit while functioning in an ergonomic fashion. Addition to machine cost must be held considerably lower than currently optional laser guided control system.

Scope of Work

Students in the OSU BAE Department are required to complete a two semester senior design course/project to fulfill degree requirements. Four students in the 2006-2007 senior design class have been selected to assist CNH with a design task submitted by the company. These four BAE students comprise Nexus Controls. Team Nexus will attempt to solve the problem by selecting a controlling mechanism to regulate position of the three point hitch in order to further the capabilities and performance of the Case 570 MXT Loader Landscaper. Nexus Controls has acquired the assistance and guidance of Dr. Marvin Stone, a renowned sensors and controls expert from the BAE department at OSU, to serve as an advisor to the team. CNH has also indicated that the solution created by Nexus controls must be able to be easily added to the machine; furthermore, they do not want Team Nexus to engage in heavy redesign of the existing three point hitch. CNH would like to maintain the current ability of their industrial three point hitch to have down pressure.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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