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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

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senior design team design of a manual cattle chute


Design of a Manual Cattle Chute

Joe Biggerstaff, William Ryan Haar, Matt Kilker, Taylor Miller



W-W Livestock Systems has been a competitive manufacturer of livestock handling equipment for many years. The company produces a manually operated cattle chute. Manually operated cattle chutes are advantageous over other chutes since they require no electrical power for their operation. There are many companies manufacturing a manual cattle chute which makes for a competitive market. W-W Livestock Systems has a well designed chute but current customer needs demand more. Custom Agricultural Solutions (CAS) has been assigned with the task of designing a new manually operated cattle chute. CAS did extensive research involving animal dimensions, animal health, and forces exerted on components of a chute during operation. CAS also interviewed several customers of W-W in order to design a chute that meets their needs. With this information, CAS designed a chute that is unlike any other on the market. Extensive field testing by CAS and area ranchers has proven that this prototype chute meets all of the design criteria set forth by W-W Livestock Systems.



Problem Statement

W-W Livestock Systems has been a competitive manufacturer of livestock equipment since 1945. They have produced a quality manually operated cattle restraining chute for many years. However, their current design the “BEEFMASTER” needs updated in order to stay competitive in today’s market. Custom Agricultural Designs (CAS) accepted the task of improving the design of a manually operated cattle chute while considering the manufacturing and design constraints set forth by W-W Livestock Systems. The design must improve ease of operation and reduce stress on the animal.

Scope of Work

Representatives of W-W met with CAS in September to establish the design objectives for a new manual chute design. They have asked CAS to develop new ideas in compliance with their design constraints in order to help meet their objective of staying competitive in themarketplace. CAS will begin the process by investigating problems encountered by owners of current W-W chutes. CAS will then generate design concepts, model these concepts, and build a prototype unit for testing and further evaluation by W-W personnel.



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