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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Growing Oklahoma

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Design of a Large Tillage Disc

Levi Johnson, G.L. Slaughter, Adam Steinert



Primary tillage has been, and continues to be, a vital part of production agriculture for many producers around the world. A common tool often used for primary tillage is a disc harrow. Numerous disc designs are currently in production from many equipment manufacturers. The senior design class of the Biosystems & Ag Engineering Department (BAE) at Oklahoma State University, under the direction of Dr. Paul Weckler, has led to the creation of Western Plains Engineering (WPE). WPE has been contacted to design a disc that can be used as a primary tillage tool throughout the Great Plains region.



Problem Statement

It is the goal of Western Plains Engineering to design a large disc for Agri-Industries for primary tillage in Western Oklahoma with small transport width and height.

Scope of Work

Agri-Industries, located in Cordell, OK, currently builds chisels and field cultivators and has been doing so since 1973. They produce the well-known Javorsky Culti-King® line of field cultivators. Their field cultivators range in widths from 3-section 21 ft. models to 5-section 54 ft. models to 7-section 80 ft. models. They currently provide quality tools at less cost to agriculture producers, sometimes at as little as half the cost of their competitors. They are now investigating expansion of their product line to include large disc harrows



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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