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300 Kilogram Coffee Roaster

Brian Biggerstaff, Jeff Biggerstaff, Justin Ludwig, Jess Webb



U.S. Roaster Corp is a company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. U.S. Roaster Corp builds and remanufacturers coffee roasters. They offer a variety of sizes ranging from small scale roasters to large industrial roasters. U.S. Roaster Corp wishes to build a new large scale coffee roaster with a capacity of 300 kilogram. Currently, the largest roaster produced by U.S. Roaster Corp is a 150 kilogram roaster. They want to produce a larger roaster as requested by some customers. Furthermore, U.S. Roaster Corp currently faces some challenges with their current roasters. The process behind the roasting of coffee beans is quite simple but also very precise. For example, beans go through several stages at various temperatures and depending on the roast, temperatures need to be adjusted and maintained for precise periods of time. Beans rotate in a drum heated by a heating box providing hot air to the drum for a desired period of time anywhere from eight to thirteen minutes. Beans are then dispensed into a cooling pan with rotating arms and cool air blowing onto the beans to prevent further cooking. One challenge is the rubbing of the drum caused by metal expansion due to high temperatures. Another challenge, or desired change, is the location of their heat input and overall heating box design.



Problem Statement

Our objective is to help design a fire tube and roaster drum for a new prototype 300 kilogram roaster.

Scope of Work

U.S. Roaster Corp requested that the team assists them in design of a fire tube and roaster drum for a 300 kilogram roaster. • Regularly met and discuss progress with our client. • Conducted patent searches on roaster designs. • Obtained a general knowledge of the coffee roasting process. • Converted CAD drawings into Solid Works drawings. • Researched different types of steel to withstand high temperatures. • Investigated five alternative roaster designs.



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