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Hay Bale Collecting and Banding System

Gary Gray, Evan Foster, Jeremy McCasland, Laura Merriman, Alice White



OEI designed a small, square bale bundler for Boxel Manufacturing. Boxel wished to produce and sell a machine capable of compressing small, square hay or straw bales and banding the “bundle” together to increase ease and efficiency of storing, transporting and loading/unloading bales. This machine fits the needs of small-scale hay producers wanting to add value to their small square bales. Additionally, the final bundle will be marketed to consumers who want convenient hay storage and transportation. From the proposed idea, OEI created the The Hay QBer



Problem Statement

In order to provide excellent hay products at a minimal production cost, Boxel Manufacturing needed a safe, efficient and reliable hay bale collecting and banding system. In addition to designing such a product, OEI created a business and marketing plan for Boxel to promote and sell The Hay QBer.

Scope of Work

To meet Boxel’s needs, the engineers of OEI collaborated to create a pull-along trailer mounted on a swinging tongue. The steel trailer has a bale elevator attached to the left side of the trailer that picks small, square bales out of the field and conveys them back to a laborer. In addition to the trailer and the bale elevator, OEI designed and constructed a compression system capable of compressing ten small, square bales, and a strapping system using plastic that tightens around the cube. A hand-held sealer seals the plastic bands. In order to remove the cube of bales from the trailer, OEI designed a releasing mechanism to distribute the bundle to the ground without damaging it.



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