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Interactive Wastewater Treatment Display

Cole Niblett, Olivia Broussard, Brandy Parks, Abigail Parnell



Garver Engineering is a consulting firm headquartered out of North Little Rock, AR that provides services to clients in several different markets. One market where Garver excels is water resources; the company is known for conducting quality work in wastewater, distribution, and environmental assessments, among others. Garver has presented AquaCleanse Solutions with the opportunity to design an interactive, educational exhibit that displays a wastewater treatment process. The exhibit will serve to inform the public of the necessary steps to purify wastewater and preserve the environment. The exhibit is desired to be trailer or skid mounted and would be utilized in science fairs, elementary classrooms, and other educational environments.



Problem Statement

Garver Engineering has tasked AquaCleanse Solutions with designing a trailer-mounted interactive wastewater treatment display. This display needs to be as hydraulically and mechanically similar to a functioning wastewater treatment plant as possible. In addition, the components and treatment process should be easily understandable and explainable to grade school-aged children.

Scope of Work

Garver Engineering in Norman, OK has requested an interactive wastewater treatment display that will be used for the education of children around the fourth and fifth grade age. This model will primarily show what treatment processes water goes through before it is clean enough to be discharged into the environment. The overall process should be easily understood by children in order to explain and convey the concepts effectively. Additionally, the trailer will serve to raise awareness to these topics wherever it is displayed.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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