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Meat Patty Temperature Variation

Sheetal Desai, J.K. Evicks, Clara Rowden, Mohammed Siddiqui



Lopez Foods, Inc. is the largest Latino-owned producer of beef and pork products in the United States. The products processed in its Oklahoma City plant supply fast food and grocery retailers. During a final stage of the product processing, beef and pork products are cooked in custom-designed infrared (IR) ovens. No other version of these ovens exists in the industry.



Problem Statement

Lopez Foods would like to increase the quality of their cooked meat products and reduce product loss. To help Lopez Foods attain this goal, Thermal Solutions is investigating factors that may be the cause of large temperature variations in the cooked meat patties. To monitor product quality, samples are taken from each patty across the oven belt every 30 minutes. Data from these cooked meat patties show that the internal temperatures of the patties range from 160°F to 190°F. This variation causes considerable safety, quality, and efficiency issues

Scope of Work

Several factors may affect the temperature of the cooked product. To proceed in measuring the effect of various factors on the product temperature, an accurate method of data collection for the product temperatures must be ensured first. If the measured data is not accurate, the effect of the other parameters is impossible to determine. As the first step towards eliminating the temperature variation, Thermal Solutions will analyze the current temperature measurement method to determine its reliability. If necessary, Thermal Solutions will investigate any deficiencies and recommend necessary changes



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