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Seed Squirter Verification System

Cortney Bromenshenk, Taylor Johnson, Austin McCarthy, Meg Sheehan



Seed Squirter is machinery design that combines planter and sprayer technologies to allow clients to plant crops while simultaneously spraying initial fertilizer on or in close proximity to the seed. Seed Squirter is an idea Capstan Ag Systems has been pursuing for around 15 years that has recently been revived in a partnership with Great Plains Manufacturing Company. The final product was released by Great Plains Manufacturing at the 2015 Agritechnica Farm Show in Hannover, Germany under the name Accushot. When planting, particularly corn in twin or narrow rows, it is difficult to spray initial fertilizer while planting seeds. In the past, this has been done by walking behind the planter and using backpack sprayers to apply the initial fertilizer on quarter sections of the field. Agronomists have found that the survival rates and condition of the plants are significantly better if the initial fertilizer is applied in the furrow with the crop seed. Therefore, it would be beneficial for farmers to have the technology, such as Seed Squirter, which applies the initial fertilizer in the furrow while planting the seed. However, in order for it to be marketable to farmers, the system would need to include a method of verifying the machine’s performance.



Problem Statement

Mr. Troy Kolb and Mr. Adam Madison, of Capstan Ag Systems in Topeka, Kansas, are currently working on a planter that can spray initial fertilizer in the furrow while planting simultaneously. It is known as the Seed Squirter system. Specifically, Mr. Kolb is trying to verify that the spatial relationships between the seed and the spray the current system is outputting similar to the relationship specified by the user. Mr. Kolb will utilize the technical expertise of Cortney Bromenshenk, Austin McCarthy, Taylor Johnson, Meg Sheehan, and Oklahoma State University to meet the objectives identified in the above mentioned study. The senior design team will investigate the system to determine a method that verifies that the Capstan Seed Squirter system is correctly spraying the initial fertilizer within the given distance to the location of the seeds in a Great Plains Manufacturing corn planter system.

Scope of Work

Our proposed solution to this problem is to gather location information using a high-speed camera system and seed tube sensor to calculate the location relationship compared to the specified measurement set on the VT screen. Due to the time constraints, the setup will be limited to a laboratory environment. Then to properly filter the data, and output it to an excel sheet.



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