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Skid-Steer Rock Saw Modification

Matt Gassen, Kelly Hogue, Buck Melton, Kristen Tucker



A rock saw is a skid-steer attachment used to cut non-reinforced concrete and asphalt as well as other pavement surfaces. One of the many uses for this rock saw is making trenches for laying plumbing or wiring under existing roads and sidewalks. In addition, the rock saw may be used to make a smooth edge along asphalt roadways for the addition of cement curbs. This saw is versatile because it can be powered by a variety of other machines. CONEQTEC Universal produces rock saws capable of various cutting depths. However, their production model is axially driven which limits the depth of cut to less than the blade radius. In order to increase the depth of cut without increasing the blade diameter, the manufacturer designed a prototype in which the blade was rim-driven via a modified ring and pinion gear set.



Problem Statement

CONEQTEC Universal designed a prototype of a skid-steer mounted rock saw. While this prototype functioned, the manufacturer required a gear set with a longer design life for the saw to become a production model. When the saw descended to the maximum cutting depth, the motors were forced to run in debris created by the cut. The manufacturer requested that the rock saw be modified to increase the design life of the gear set as well as to prevent debris from contacting the motors

Scope of Work

In order to increase design life, BDM changed the ring and pinion gear set to a circular rack and pinion gear set. This altered gear set necessitated the relocation of the motors to above the blade thereby preventing debris from coming into contact with the motors.



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