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Welding Positioner Redesign

Brice Abbott, Levi Edens, Dalton Hamilton



Preston-Eastin is a leading supplier of positioning solutions for the industrial manufacturing and construction industries. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma they design and build their own complete line of manual and robotic positioners to solve and complete all aspects of welding, fabrication, and thermal spray application successfully and efficiently.The PA-30 HD6 gear driven rotational positioner has been produced and sold by Preston-Eastin for numerous years with little to no design changes outside of electronic upgrades. Changes have not been a necessity due to the fact that the product is simple, effective, and boasts the high lifetime quality that comes standard with the Preston-Eastin name.



Problem Statement

Preston-Eastin has challenged us with analyzing their PA-30 HD6 welding positioner to produce a solution to their need for increased profit margins on their products. With increasing economic hardships to manufacturing businesses, profit margins are the number one priority, our team goal is to create a solution to their financial question, while maintaining the high quality they are accustom to providing.

Scope of Work

To accomplish the goals set forth, the three engineers of Wolf Pack Engineering reviewed the designs and cost incorporated with the creation of the PA-30 HD6 rotational positioner. We developed the reduction of labor to be the major area of interest associated with the cost analysis breakdown to potentially reduce cost and increase profit margin. The areas associated with labor cost reduction include but are not limited to the in-house machining and production of gear boxes and other parts, and the workload associated with the wiring and electrical set-up of the final product.



Fall Presentation | Fall Report | Spring Presentation | Spring Report




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