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BAE Capstone Senior Design


About the Course

        Dr. Paul Weckler is the course instructor, and has mentored 76 senior design teams since 2001. The capstone design course sequence (BAE 4012/4022 – Senior Engineering Design Project I & II) allows the student to demonstrate their ability to develop design solutions for "real-world" open-ended Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) projects for clients in private industry and/or government agencies. Project suggestions come from department faculty, alumni, the department's external advisory committee and other sources, including businesses themselves. Occasionally, senior design projects focus on a design problem for a philanthropic or charitable organization.

        The OSU Applications Engineers are a major source of project suggestions. The Applications Engineering Program is a partnership between Oklahoma State University, the Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence and the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology (OCAST) which brings engineering assistance to rural Oklahoma's small manufacturers. These small companies often have problems but lack the technical expertise to solve them, or the problem might not be an immediate or high priority. The Applications Engineering Program has been a nice pipeline for state companies willing to sponsor a Senior Design project. The OSU Food & Agricultural Products Center (FAPC) and the OSU New Product Development Center (NPDC) are also sources for and partners in BAE Senior Design projects.


State Impact

        The Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence conducts assessment of the Applications Engineering Program and the benefits to the program's clients. Based on their evaluation, the BAE Senior Design class has significant economic development impact. Over $345,000 in cost savings have been realized by Senior Design clients, as well as 49 jobs created and at least 30 jobs retained. Team sponsors provide funding for their specific project, and have provided over $260,000 since the capstone course was first created.


Quick Facts

  • 1st place, ASABE - AGCO National Student Design Competition, 2003- 04, 2005-06 & 2006-07
  • 2nd place, ASABE - AGCO National Student Design Competition, 2002- 2003, & 2011-2012
  • 2nd place award in the J. F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation National Student Design Competition, 2004-2005
  • Four patent invention disclosures filed by the BAE senior design class with the OSU Intellectual Property Office
  • At least five senior design projects resulting in commercial products in the marketplace
  • Received a USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant funded at $465,595
  • Received a Provost Research Teaching Grant in 2013 to link BAE 1012 freshman students with BAE senior design teams
  • Merrick Foundation Teaching Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation Education, 2010 OSU Convocation


Past Projects

        Examples of prior senior design team projects are listed below. We've currently listed the all 2017 school year teams but plan to include all past teams. Please be patient as we do this, it will take some time to go through our archives of 71 teams. Use the buttons to filter team projects by year.

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Cocoa Bean Winnowing

The client for the Cocoa Bean Winnower project is US Roaster Corp. US Roaster Corp is located in downtown Oklahoma City, OK and they specialize in the manufacturing, design and repair of coffee bean roasters. Their roasters range in capacity from 3 oz to 300 kg. While the roasters are designed to roast coffee, they are easily adapted to roast cocoa beans. Recently, several small scale gourmet chocolate producers have started using US Roaster Corp roasters in the production of their product. The chocolate making process begins with roasting the cocoa beans. Read More

Self Moving FX-30 Vacuum Excavator

The Senior Design Team was tasked to develop an innovative way to move the FX-30 excavator trailer at a slow speed of approximately (1 mph) on hard pavement, (as specified by Ditch WitchTM) without the use of a standard motorized vehicle. The vacuum excavators are used in many applications such as: exposing buried utility lines, cleaning out storm drains, directional drilling site cleanup, water leak repair, valve box cleanout, utility vault cleanout, commercial and residential debris cleanup and landscaping, and posthole digging. Read More

Quarter Scale Tractor Design

The proposed project redesigns the main frame, support structures, suspension, and steering of the ¼ scale pulling tractor for the 2017 international competition. The basis of the project is to increase competitiveness of the tractor by increasing functionality of the frame, suspension, and steering. This is achieved by providing a product that makes use of CAD programs to model and test the product. By doing so, the design will have the added benefit of a seamless assembly while optimizing the use of materials required for the product. Read More

City of Enid Municipal Landfill

Sustainable Solutions designed a menu containing effective strategies to reduce erosion on landfill slopes. The menu contains solutions organized by severity of the erosion problem, anticipated cost, and longevity of solution. For the COE recommendation, the feasibility of using local resources such as soil, compost, woodchips, leachate, biosolids, and stormwater was determined through research and testing. Different erosion control designs were evaluated with computer modeling, and an on-site experiment was implemented on the north-facing landfill slope to determine the most promising solution. Read More

Parkview Estates Stormwater Management

Park View Estates in Stillwater, OK is experiencing erosion and flooding in certain locations due to a high volume of stormwater and poorly designed water management structures. To address this problem, Cowboy Stormwater Management (CSM) is tasked to develop solutions at several different problem sites. These sites will each have a design that will function to ultimately improve the control of stormwater in the neighborhood. Read More