Fixed Asset Disposal Request

Computer Decommissioning/Sanitation Form



Q: I have (an) old computer(s) how do I get rid of it?

A: Take hard drives out. Place them in a box. Contact IT Helpdesk to set up a destruction meeting with them. Then, once you have destroyed these hard drives and you receive a destruction certificate from IT fill out BOTH FORMS above.

Q: I do not know the releasing custodian number.

A: If the ITEM has no orange or white OSU Asset tag just use 2086111 (This is ONLY for the Biosystems & Ag Engineering Department, other departments will have a different custodian number) as the custodian number. If it does have an asset tag, email Kathy Parham with the tag number and she will give you that asset information. 

Q: I have (an) old PRINTER with no hard drive that I need to get rid of. How do I do that?

A: Fill out both the Fixed Asset Disposal Request form AND the Computer Decommissioning form. STATE That there is no HARD drive on the Decommissioning form.

Q: I have (an) old electronic device with no hard drive that I need to get rid of. How do I do that?

A: Just fill out the Fixed Asset Disposal Request form only.

Q: My device has no asset tag #, what do I do?

A: Just leave this blank but be sure to fill in the Model, description and serial number as good as possible.

Q: What should we do with cheap old Mice / Keyboards / cheap microphones / cheap headsets … fill out the forms?Or Toss in garbage?Or Is there an e-waste campus location?

A: Unfortunately nothing is to be trashed by departments. It all is listed on a disposal form and submitted for Truck Service to pick up like all other equipment.
Facilities Mgmt. “Physical Plant will decide what can be trashed and what can be placed in the auction to sell.

Q: Where Do I take my finished Forms?

A: Have the department head sign where he needs to. Have computer support sign where needed. Then take it to the College/Division Finance office (front of Ag Hall, bottom floor to the right as you enter doors up from steps).

Example Forms


exampleDecommissioningform exampleFA

More information:


  1. To remove asset from the Fixed Asset system, the Fixed Assets Disposal form should be completed as follows:
  2. Custodian numbers – Assigned custodian number
  3. Asset Tag Number – As shown in Fixed Assets or N/A-# if there is no asset number. (-# is assigned by custodian for each non-tagged item)
  4. RC – Removal Code. Describes if asset was lost, stolen, surplused, salvaged, traded-in, sold, or returned to title holder.  If asset is reported as stolen,  a police report detailing the theft must accompany the FXCR form to allow removal from Fixed Asset System.
  5. Serial Number and Description – Serial Number and description of asset being removed.
  6. Current Location – Room number and building where asset is located to enable pick up by Physical Plant.
  7. Condition Code – Describes condition of asset: New – Assets with little or no use; Used-Good – Asset that has been used but still has useful life remaining and no repairs are required;  Used-Fair-Poor – Asset has had heavy use and shows definite signs of wear, but still operates;  Repairs Required-Good – Asset that has been used and has useful life remaining with repair;  Repairs Required -Poor -Asset with heavy usage that may still operate with necessary repairs; Salvage – Asset that is obsolete, replaced with new asset, has little or no useful life; Scrap – Asset that has been cannibalized, parts or pieces of asset broken asset that can be repaired or used for parts.
  8. Reason for Disposition – Custodial reason for disposition.
  9. Original Value – Original purchase cost of asset as listed on the Fixed Asset
  10. Current Value – If listed on Fixed Assets, this should be the Original Value less accumulated depreciation. If asset is not on Fixed Assets, estimate should be made by Custodian of the current book value of asset being removed.  This SHOULD NOT be the original purchase value shown on current Fixed Asset listing.
  11. Comment/Disposition – Custodial request as to disposition by pick-up, sealed bid, auction, or cannibalization. This is also where a custodial department could indicate they would like to utilize Ebay as their public auction or to have their surplus reutilized for public school or governmental use.
  12. For More Information – Custodial contact person including campus room number, building, and phone number. This will be the person whom Asset Management can contact with questions and will also be the point of contact for sales or surplus pick-up purposes.
  13. Total Value of Deletions – Total estimated value of equipment to be removed.
  14. Releasing Custodian Certification – Certification that asset is being released by surplus. If asset is being removed from Fixed Asset System, dean’s signature of approval must also be obtained.
  15. Any computer listed for disposal or transfer purposes must be sanitized before it can be picked up by Physical Plant Surplus, disposed of by other prescribed means or transferred to another department. Once the computer is sanitized,  a Computer Decommissioning/Sanitation Form [Exhibit 12] must be completed and included with the FXDR.  The fields on the form are similar to the disposal form, but contain a statement that sanitation has been completed.  As with the FXDR, you may list several computers on one sanitation form.  A copy of the sanitation form must also be attached to each computer that has been sanitized and is ready for pickup.