The Stored Products Research and Education Center (SPREC) dedicated to use by faculty, staff and collaborators for generation and dissemination of new information about protection, management and marketing of a wide variety of postharvest agricultural bulk commodities and value added products. The facility is used for applied grain industry training and technology transfer including Oklahoma Grain Elevator Workshops, Grain Grading Schools, Fumigation Workshops, and other training programs.

BAE faculty involved with the SPREC include:

Mike Buser
Scott Frazier
Carol Jones
Randy Taylor

The SPREC facilities are located 3 miles west of OSU’s Stillwater campus and ¼ mile north of Hwy 51 on Range road.


Carol Jones featured in CASNR Cowboy Journal to highlight the work at the Stored Products Research and Education Center



You can’t move. You can barely breathe. The pressure around you slowly begins to crush your lungs.

Even if someone were close enough to extend a hand and pull you out, the force needed to free you would be nearly four times your weight. You’re trapped.

“Every time you take a breath, your chest collapses when you exhale and the grain is right there,” said Edmond Bonjour, Oklahoma State University extension entomologist and member of the stored products research team.

Stored products are postharvest agricultural commodities such as wheat, corn or other grains.

“Every little kernel will show up on your skin as an indentation because of the pressure,” Bonjour said. “If you get buried to your waist, there is no way you or anybody else is going to pull you out.” According to the Purdue University Agricultural Safety and Health Program, 46 reported entrapments occurred in the United States in 2010; 33 were on farms and 13 at commercial grain facilities. Twenty-five of the reported entrapments resulted in death.

Bonjour and the stored products research team develop protocols and tools for rescue teams who respond to grain bin entrapments and engulfments. The team includes Bonjour, Carol Jones, Randy Beeby, Montie Walton and Jess Andrews.

During the early 1990s, a group of OSU faculty recognized the need to study increased problems in processed food and feed storage warehouse management, including accident-related research.

“There was always this dream that we could have our own research center on campus or at least near campus to do replicated research,” Bonjour said.

Read the rest of this article written by Shane Vietzke for the Summer/Fall 2011Cowboy Journal, an OSU CASNR publication published by students majoring in agricultural communications. Pictures for this article were also taken by Shane.

Shown in the picture above is the stored products rescue team demonstrating the Aspen Lift at the Grain Elevator and Processing Society Conference in Portland, Ore.: Montie Walton (left) of W.B. Johnston Grain, Randy Beeby, Carol Jones, Jess Andrews and Edmond Bonjour