One of the roles of the BAE department at OSU is to provide non-engineering service classes targeted for the College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR), but open to all students at OSU-Stillwater. These classes include Metals and Welding, Agricultural Electrification, Agricultural Structures, Small Gas Engines, Surveying and Site Analysis. All of these classes include laboratory activities and these are conducted at the BAE Lab in room 135 and 127.

The metals and welding labs are taught in room 135. The students have required activities in four areas. These include, arc welding, oxyfuel cutting and cold metal work.

In the small gas engines lab is taught in room 127 students have the opportunity to learn the names and functions of engine parts, tear down an engine to inspect and evaluate the parts, rebuild an engine and troubleshoot common problems. They start with evaluating the condition of the engine, and then work their way through teardown, and reassembly.