Biomechanical Option

The Biomechanical option integrates biology into the design of machines and mechanisms that directly interact with biological materials such as, soil, plants and animals. Off-road equipment design, sensor and control systems development, intelligent machine design, precision agriculture, and systems engineering are a few areas that utilize biomechanical engineers.


Bioprocessing and Food Processing Option

The Bioprocessing and Food Processing option emphasizes the engineering aspects of biochemical processes. Students learn how to utilize ideas from both the life and physical sciences disciplines and may choose a career path bringing laboratory-scale research involving plant systems, mammalian systems, bioenvironmental systems, or industrial biological processes into commercial production.


Environmental and Natural Resources Option

The Environmental and Natural Resources option unites concepts from engineering and biology in the design and analysis of systems that protect and sustain the quantity and quality of water, soil, and other natural resources. Hydrology, storm water management, environmental protection, environmental remediation, water quality, erosion control, water treatment systems, irrigation, and water resources production and development are examples of career pursuits.


The degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under criteria for biological engineering and similarly named programs.

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