As the spring semester ends, we would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of our donors. Your financial investment in our students is greatly appreciated. These scholarships allow our students to focus on their academic studies, remain active in campus organizations, and work with faculty mentors on research projects. Having the support of individuals like yourself is invaluable. Our department hopes you will continue to support our students and provide guidance for our department.


Description: Undergraduate students work with FAPC mentor Dr. Bowser to develop electronic instrumentation for a food dehydrator as part of a design project for an Instrumentation and Controls course, taught by Dr. Wang.


Description: Senior students give a presentation about their senior design capstone project to faculty, alumni, industry representatives, and fellow students. The capstone project is a one-year partnership with an industry mentor to develop real world, practical products that our industry partner will utilize in their day-to-day operations.



Leon Crain Memorial Scholarships

Dr. John B. Solie Scholarship

James A. Barker Scholarship

Terry D. Allen Agricultural Engineering Scholarship

Wendell Bowers Scholarship

Sam & Sheila Harp Scholarship

Dudley Barefoot Memorial Scholarship

Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Scholarship

Greg & Kristen Hart Scholarship

David McKay Scholarship

Oklahoma Grain & Feed Association Scholarship

Marvin Stone Scholarships

Tom & Jan Haan Scholarship

Glen Morgan Memorial Scholarship

Jodie Whitney Scholarship

Ron & Zona Noyes Scholarship

Don & Kim Yarbrough Scholarships

Annette & Bill Barfield Scholarship

Lawrence O. Roth Scholarships

Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives Scholarship

BAE Development Fund Scholarships

Halliburton Power of Six Scholarships

James & Ruby Garton Scholarship

E. W. Schroeder Scholarship